Higher Education

Our Agresso solutions have a proven track record in Higher Education, with an expanding customer base of over 100 Education establishments across the UK and over 400 world-wide.

Our experience and knowledge of the sector has enabled us to develop Agresso Campus - a comprehensive  solution which supports the main business requirements of the sector.

Agresso Campus is an integrated suite of business applications which can be delivered as a complete suite or as part of a complete solution involving other third party applications. Agresso Campus comprises:

  • Finance Systems Management
  • Student Management
  • HR Capital Management
  • CRM - Business Engagement
  • CRM - Student Engagement
  • Research Award Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Estates Management

Our customers in the Higher Education sector include:

  • Cranfield University
  • London South Bank University
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • University of Bath
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Wolverhampton

Plus more than 30 other specialist Higher Education institutions.

“With Agresso we are getting far more visibility of our procurement process and who we are buying goods and services from, which we never could get in our previous system. Management information has been completely transformed and it’s more readily accessible to users and we’ve moved to a single version of the truth. An unexpected benefit has been how Agresso interacts with our students through web payment and that has been completely revolutionised because our students are very IT savvy and for them to deal with the University in such a familiar way for them is very attractive.”

Andrew Grice, Deputy Director of Finance, University of Southampton.

A system for now - and the future!

Evidence across the sector shows that the shelf life of Agresso Campus is significantly longer than competitive solutions, whose lack of post-implementation agility leads to huge budget overruns and increased ongoing costs.

When new demands are placed on your organisation, Agresso Campus modules can be reconfigured to reflect those changes – often by your internal teams, without the need for a single day’s consultancy. Agresso has the only architecture on the market that tightly couples data, business process, and the delivery methodology (reporting and analytics). Put simply, this means that when a change is made in one area, it does not have to be redone and rechecked for accuracy in another. That’s a huge time, money and people resource saver. That’s what true business agility is - what we at Unit4 call post-implementation agility.

This post-implementation agility makes Agresso Campus truly future-proof, with a lower total cost of ownership than many of its rivals. Agresso Campus’s long shelf-life means you’ll no longer face the pain and heartache of having to re-implement or replace your major business systems every five to seven years. Instead, you’ll gain substantial savings, and an unmatched resilience to change.

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