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Nobody would deny that the public sector is a demanding environment in which to operate. In addition to all the existing day-to-day complexities of servicing your stakeholders, you also have to cope with a range of issues from the ever-increasing sophistication of expectations, through to rapidly emerging and developing technologies; organisational change and even less time in which to identify and react to shifts in demand and regulation.

On top of all that, universities, central government organisations, local government authorities, charitable establishments, and public health organisations all still need to remain focused on running their operations as effectively as possible - to maximise every opportunity and to deliver, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

As services become more cost focused, there is an increasing emphasis on achieving value for money, accountability and ensuring continuous improvement; while at the same time dealing with the challenges of advances in technology, outsourcing and changes in work patterns. To respond to these challenges, all public sector organisation managers need high quality, reliable and flexible financial management systems to help them to monitor and control their resources and performance.

It is more important than ever to:

  • quickly plan and execute the appropriate reactions to unexpected events
  • ensure proper visibility and control of the business to fulfil corporate governance and corporate responsibility obligations
  • be certain that the information driving key strategic decisions is absolutely reliable, so that you can consider the longer-term commitments and demands of the organisation from a firm foundation.

This may sound like a tall order but please have a look at how our Agresso and Coda solutions are focused on the needs of  public sector organisations and we’ll explain how UNIT4 can help your business – as we have done and continue to do with our existing clients in your sector.

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