UNIT4 Business Collaborator

UNIT4 Business Collaborator

Adaptable Project Collaboration

As projects become bigger and more complex, the need to implement a seamless system that supports every step of the project is vital to achieve successful outcomes. UNIT4 Business Collaborator is a document management system with over 155,000 users worldwide and is focussed on external sharing and project collaboration.

What is it?

Business Collaborator is the market’s most configurable project extranet, document and workflow management tool.

It provides a centralised, secure and fully auditable file sharing environment with comprehensive version control that enables geographically dispersed teams to store, share and control project information and processes – so everyone is working from the current documents!

UNIT4 Business Collaborator facilitates collaboration across teams, automates processes and enables access to project information, whenever required. It automates and improves on traditional paper-based processes and procedures to shorten document review and approval times, reducing errors and cutting costs.

Business Collaborator

Who is it for?

UNIT4 Business Collaborator has been providing class-leading project collaboration and document management for more than 16 years. The solution is now used by high profile organisations in the following sectors:

  • Construction - Balfour Beatty, Costain, BAM Nuttall, URS, Mouchel.
  • Utilities - Thames Water, United Utilities, 4D.
  • Retail – Westfield, Primark, Monsoon Accessorise, Musgrave, Nationwide Building Society.

Why Business Collaborator?

There are a number of important reasons why thousands of organisations, in numerous markets are working together using Business Collaborator…
  • Provides a single place to store your documents whilst working with external parties
  • Fileshares, email and Dropbox get you so far but don’t provide efficient collaboration when dealing with large numbers of documents or give you a granular level of access control and a fully-auditable workflow across your version controlled documents.
  • 16 years’ experience delivering project collaboration in the cloud, our software has been used on small through to massive Billion £ multi-year projects and with deployment from as few as 20 users on a single project through to tens of thousands of active users across whole programmes of work.
  • Secure hosting environment with multiple levels of backup and business continuity.
  • Integrated with UNIT4 Agresso to enable customers to leverage the external sharing and leading document management capabilities seamlessly from within their ERP system.

We can help – download our overview or contact us to discuss your specific needs

Download the UNIT4 Business Collaborator brochure

Read the Costain case study 

Our customers use the system extensively

  • More than 600,000 documents added every month.
  • More than 158,000 active users.
  • More than 1,600,000 workflows created.
  • More than 5,500,000 events recorded in the audit trail every month.

...due to the solution’s extensive features:

  • Document management in the Cloud
  • Quickly access all information stored within UNIT4 Business Collaborator
  • Easily exchange information with individuals or teams of people
  • QR Code support
  • Send documents for review and response or implement a form based process
  • Full functionality available in web browser
  • Integrated with UNIT4 Agresso
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Highly configurable
  • Flexible deployment